Most underdeveloped countries view disabled individuals as the lowly.  We strive to make the lowly mighty by giving them hope through mobility - by providing refurbished wheelchairs donated by YOU.  We strive for global justice by joining together to show love and care to those who have special needs - just as God loves and cares for them.

From rural hamlets to big cities around the globe, 101 countries have received over 100,000 wheelchairs shipped through Hope Haven.  Physical & Occupational Therapists give up vacations and pay their own expenses to offer on-the-spot fittings of wheelchairs in addition to training family members in the use and maintenance of the equipment.

We collect used wheelchairs all year long.  To date, we've collected over 4,000 used wheelchairs that have been recycled for use by less fortunate people.  Click on the "Donate A Wheelchair" page for information about donating a wheelchair.

Pictured below: 200 wheelchairs on their way to be refurbished and a grateful recipient.